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Free The Republic Entertainment, LLC

Music + Art + Culture + Education is a revolutionary experience.


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 We are Free The Republic Entertainment LLC, a music multimedia  company that is a pillar for Artist creativity and innovation. 

We exist to shape the power of artistry, culture and community through our brand MER*LAND MUSIC and Consulting.



Music production and placement, Merchandise and Consulting services for video gamers, artists, social media influencers, businesses etc. 

Professional Consulting Services

Catch a Consultant. Interested in a webinar or professional trainer? Catch a Consultant offers enriching tutorials and sessions on a variety areas. Coming soon! 

Safe And Secure

Got Music? Lease or Purchase a variety of genres from the MER*LAND MUSIC COLLECTION at through Beat Stars online market place.  Video game licensing music are available through direct purchase. For the music catalog go to

See pricing packages for Video game/ Social media influencer deals!

Video Gamer VIP Customized Music

Fresh innovative music for your channel. Riveting and entertaining Music to get the party started Right!










Witty and Entertaining! LIve

streams are out this world


Free The Republic Ent,

LLC Gaming showcase


Gamer Cjkillin’em



@BedifferentPlaydifferent ·



Featured music by

producer Gruber Han$


Your Brand is Key

Personalized music intros/ outros  for gamers everywhere.

 music bundle packages see below 


A genius with magical skill at

Call of Duty.   Beware!


Join the M.A.C.E. movement

M.A.C.E. stands for Music, Art, Culture and Education. At Free The Republic Entertainment we spotlight feature artists, musicians, gamers, influencers, community members as well as vast network of visionaries and society changers. Checkout our Weekly updates! M.A.C.E. Madness is year round. Interested in becoming a featured M.A.C.E. partner? Information is coming soon!

The M.A.C.E Way

 Education is a pillar. The Vibe of Free The Republic Entertainment features lessons and webinars on music production, performance and much more.  Playlists and exclusive tracks for Lease are featured below.  See below for video gamer and social media influencer packages.







  a  Vibe 


Music Lessons are available


Piano and Music Production


Piano Lessons


  • In person $40 per session. Must reside in DC Metro Area
  • Distance Learning Sessions $40 per session.


Band Lab,  Garage Band and FL Studio

Lessons are available on Demand


Want to hear more of the

MER*LAND Music Vibe?

Check out the playlist

Click below .

Sneak peak of the Catalog go to SoundCloud

Want to lease or purchase some fire? Check out

Buy FTR exclusive tracks for your gaming and influencer drip!

New Artist Spot


Starting with writing


poetry at the age of 11 ✍🏾


then being motivated by a


childhood friend to


start making music🎶


along with his love and


passion for the arts 🎨


Supreme Lovee felt


inspired and lead to


become a music artist🎼🎧



-Supreme lovee-



Check out more lit tracks by Landover

Maryland’s finest Supreme Lovee on



301 – MD-DC-VA  dmv flavor is here. 

Mer*Land Music is  exclusively on   www.Beatstars. com  

                              producer gruber han$                                                           

   EDm, house, trap, hip hop, soul,

     electronic and many more…


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                   Music is Magic



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